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Are you feeling stressed, anxious, and even broken?
Are you struggling with your faith? Have you faced betrayal or rejection from those who are supposed to be your place of safety/security? I have been there, I truly get it. I take pride in what I do not because of my education (even though it was hard earned), but because of what I bring to the table. Book smarts can only bring so far, but walking out what you preach when you feel like God has forgotten you and you’re being dragged face first through gravel emotionally is another story entirely. I would love to be able to walk alongside you as you heal. I believe there is always hope, and the human capacity to heal is profound. I have seen it first hand. Illuminate Christian Counseling is the healing that meets you where you are.


Experience Change With Illuminate Christian Counseling

Online Therapy

Healing That Meets You Where You Are

There are so many benefits to seeking out mental health care online. Telehealth cuts out travel time, gas expenses, and even the need for child care ( you can meet with your therapist while your children are napping nearby). You can have your sessions from the comfort of your own home; on your own couch, with your shoes off! It provides people with the ability to prioritize their mental health, on their terms, schedule, and budget. For many, the thought of being vulnerable in an office that is unfamiliar to them seems daunting. Telehealth provides the healing that meets you where you are. It would be my privilege to provide you with mental health services via this modality!


I am a Christian and as such, my faith in Christ does inform how I see mental health issues. I believe that true healing comes from the person and work of Jesus Christ. It is the Bible that illuminates our lives and brings to light the reality of God's creation, the fall of man (which introduced sin), and the potential of forgiveness and redemption through Jesus Christ, the Messiah. That being said, I respect your boundaries. All Christian/Biblical topics and materials are integrated into the sessions at the comfort of the client.


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